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COVID 19 Experience of my family

Hello Everyone, After a long time, I am back on the track of blogging. Yes as you heard the title as it is scary to listen only👀 , yes I am sharing my experience on COVID 19 with my family.  I was on duty on 28/09/2020 as a daily routine office, sorry I didn't tell you by profession I am a mechanical engineer working as a project executive (IE) in Pune, Maharashtra. My all family living in Solapur City, Maharashtra. Ok now I was in the office that day, my brother(Sangu) called me at 3.00 pm told me that we are going to admit papa to a private hospital for testing of corona (Yashodhara super specialty Hospital, Solapur).   At that time my mind was blown & I was too scared, shocked to hear this. But my Appa(Grandfather) understood & supported me mentally to fight this. Immediately I have called my manager to take permission to sick leave. On 29/09/2020 morning on private Travels, I came to my hometown. My Appa has very good relations in Solapur city, as he is now 80 years ol
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My First Watch

Hey guys, This is Omkar. Hope you all great and positive. I am sharing my one of the best memories in my life. I was passed out from education of engineering course and got degree, my mom gifted me a watch (Titan). This movement is awesome for me. Everyday when I see my watch it gives me not only time but also gives me value of time. I think my approach changing towards my life as the time goes on. Now we all are affecting crisis on COVID-19. We have to solve this mess with positive approach by inspiring our family,friends,colleagues. ' My first watch ' name indicates that day (2 yrs before) when I wear it for good looks, with formal attitude and today also is a reason to wear with positive attitude for better tomorrow.   Now a day lifestyle becomes fast and smart. Due to this pandemic now lifestyle only smart not fast. Those who are applicable for work from home they are engaging with work stuff. But who are not applicable  for work for home, off course  they might be